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Employers and employees alike have learned that in unity there is strength, that a coordination of individual effort means an elimination of waste, a bettering of living conditions and, is in fact, the father of prosperity




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” I truly found my calling…advocating for the disabled and fighting workplace discrimination in the pursuit of justice. As a Cancer Survivor & Employment Attorney, I appreciate the emotional, physical and financial hardships endured by my Clients in their daily lives….they certainly don’t deserve additional barriers or impediments in the performance of their jobs.”

Jeffrey R. Heyel, Esq

Primary Practice Areas

Attorney Heyel practices in the areas of Employment, Labor, Civil rights and Corporation law, typically representing individuals and small businesses in wrongful termination, wage & hour and corporate human resource matters including, but not limited to:

Disability Discrimination


FMLA Discrimination


Age Discrimination


Pregnancy & LGBTQ Discrimination


Sexual Harassment 


Sexual Harassment Compliance Training


Title VII of 1964 Civil Right act: Race/Religion/Gender/National Origin Discrimination


Severance / Non-Compete Agreements / Contract Negotiation


Unemployment Benefit Compensation /Wage & Hour Disputes



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From Our Clients

“I consulted with Attorney Heyel on numerous legal and business matters for the past 20 years. His comprehensive knowledge of employment, business and healthcare law has helped me make good decisions with positive outcomes. He challenges me to work through and solve complicated employee issues with competence and compassion. I recommend him highly for any employment law needs. “
Robin - Danbury, CT

“I have known Attorney Jeffrey Heyel for the past 25 years, personally and professionally. Jeff is an honest, intelligent, trustworthy and conscientious individual with a great sense of humor. I could always depend on Jeff as a friend. He is an empathetic person and a good listener. Jeff has also represented me legally in recent years. He provided excellent legal advice and helped me draft a Will for Estate planning purposes. Jeff is fortunate to have a legal brain with many positive personality attributes that support him as a lawyer. I highly recommend Jeff Heyel as an Attorney.”

Lisa - Ridgefield, CT

“From 2018 to 2019 I had a serious employment dispute with my former employer. Attorney Heyel intervened on my behalf and negotiated a lengthy settlement involving more than 6 months of intense negotiations. His efforts ultimately resulted in a successful conclusion at a reasonable cost. I recommend him highly to others experiencing similar employment issues.”

Michael - Stratford, CT

In the News

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New Times, January 11, 2020

Highway robbery: The case against tolls in Connecticut (Op-ed)

The Middletown Press, May 26, 2019
Photo of Attorney Heyel lobbying the Connecticut Legislature at the State Capitol in 2019
Attorney Heyel lobbying the Connecticut Legislature at the State Capitol in 2019

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