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“I consulted with Attorney Heyel on numerous legal and business matters for the past 20 years. His comprehensive knowledge of employment, business and healthcare law has helped me make good decisions with positive outcomes. He challenges me to work through and solve complicated employee issues with competence and compassion. I recommend him highly for any employment law needs. “
Robin - Danbury, CT

“I have known Attorney Jeffrey Heyel for the past 25 years, personally and professionally. Jeff is an honest, intelligent, trustworthy and conscientious individual with a great sense of humor. I could always depend on Jeff as a friend. He is an empathetic person and a good listener. Jeff has also represented me legally in recent years. He provided excellent legal advice and helped me draft a Will for Estate planning purposes. Jeff is fortunate to have a legal brain with many positive personality attributes that support him as a lawyer. I highly recommend Jeff Heyel as an Attorney.”
Lisa - Ridgefield, CT

From 2018 to 2019 I had a serious employment dispute with my former employer. Attorney Heyel intervened on my behalf and negotiated a lengthy settlement involving more than 6 months of intense negotiations. His efforts ultimately resulted in a successful conclusion at a reasonable cost. I recommend him highly to others experiencing similar employment issues.
Michael - Stratford, CT

“In 2014, I began to experience harassment, threats and discrimination from a new manager at my former workplace. A friend of mine referred me to Attorney Heyel, who consulted with me to collect information about my situation. He asked pertinent questions and was extremely thorough in investigating my concerns and obtaining enough evidence to contact the company on my behalf. We reached a fair settlement in a reasonable amount of time. I am grateful to Attorney Heyel and recommend him to anyone who needs a competent and compassionate Employment Attorney.”
Robyn - Shelton, CT

“You never think you are going to be put in a situation at work where your work ethic is going to be called into question…where false accusations are made with no real investigation or accountability, not even through Human Resources.   Within a year at our respective places of employment, both my Husband and I found ourselves in this very predicament.

After a series of false accusations by co-workers and adverse employment actions, we sought legal assistance…an Attorney who would listen to our side of events, make recommendations and engage our employers to address our concerns, preserve our dignity and protect our professional reputations.  Attorney Heyel did exactly that.  His depth of experience, approach and fairness made a very stressful situation easier to bear.  The outcomes of both our employment matters were more than fair. We can’t thank Jeff enough for his professionalism and integrity.”

Andy and Kathy, Bethel, CT

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